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Melvin Jones was born in Kansas City, Kansas, on October 4th. At the age of three, he constantly pulled out his mother’s pots and pans to beat on until one day his mother Deborah, realized God gave him the gift of rhythm to play the drums. 

At the age of five, his gift continued to develop through singing and playing the piano. Although blessed with these gifts, Jones lived a difficult childhood. His birth father abandoned his family well before he became a teenager. Jones witnessed and endured the struggles of a child growing up in a rough neighborhood; often seeing people influenced by drugs, gangs, and violence. His mother remarried and created a fresh start by moving to Charlotte, North Carolina. 

The new environment inspired Jones to share his gift with others by performing in churches, talent shows, weddings, clubs etc. Jones won many talent shows throughout high school and college. Due to his passion for music, he continued to develop his talent by fearlessly singing, playing the piano, and drums. 

“Teedoe,” a nickname he was teased in high school with, until someone in his high school chorus class pointed out his name in the sol-fege syllables, “Ti” and “Do”, uniquely spelling it “Teedoe.” 

“The Genie” was picked up from all his fans, family and friends, calling him a musical genius. 

Teedoe is a graduate from two schools holding musical degrees from Bachelor’s to Master’s:

Bachelors of Science in Music Performance, Master’s degree in Entertainment Business, and a Master’s degree in Music Production. His determination to succeed motivated him to spend all of his free time working to establish himself locally as a well-known producer, musician and singer. 

Inspired by his mom, many other artists, and his own challenges in life, he later developed the gift of song writing. Teedoe wanted to differentiate himself from the average dime-a-dozen aspiring artists. He began incorporating all of his talents into his music and is now known as his own Songwriter, Artist, Engineer, Producer, Photographer and Videographer. Teedoe is currently honing his unique style by writing and producing captivating new songs for the world to hear.

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